Cleared to dive!

My visit Thursday with my primary doctor went really well! Both nurse and doctor were very positive and said I looked fantastic. They had me step on the scale and weighed me at a healthy 154lb. (This same time last year, when they weighed me I was 165lb. This was far before I started eating differently and working with a personal trainer.)

The only drag was I had to fast for my blood test and all the waiting around. When they went to draw blood the first time, they couldn’t find my vein. So I had to go over to the hospital (they got it first try!) and wait some more. My appointment that morning had been at 11:15pm. By the time they finished and I ate it was nearly 2:45pm. I was pretty hungry ( Mind you, I had not eaten since dinner the previous night!) and tired!


Receiving Instructions from Eddie


My visit and trial run with Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Institute was a success!

My ears handled the pressure fantastically well and I passed with flying colors! ( + Lots of ear popping! 😉 ) Praise God!   Exiting the chamber, I had to get my barrings at first (from lying down for so long.  1hr ) but afterwards was ok.  Was a tad tired on the ride home but I think that was a factor of the previous days activities ( that and having to fast for my blood test the previous day)  I feel great today though! (Saturday 3/18/17)



The next step is to start treatments on June 5th! I will undergo 40 sessions (as of now), and was able to get treatments twice a day. This will cut my treatments in half from 6 weeks down to 4 (Lord willingly my last treatment will be June 30th). Praying my body will be able to endure the treatments!

Thank you to all who have been praying and showing your support! 🙂 Blessings


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