March Madness Trial Run

Update as of 3/14/17:

At the end of this week, my future plans, regarding my recovery should be alot clearer.

Thursday: I have an appointment with my primary Doctor. This should be pretty standard and straight forward. What is important about this appointment though is that they are taking a blood test afterward. Not just any blood test! This test will determine how my cholesterol is doing.  Remember way back in September I started on a new eating plan. That was for this particular test and to see if I could balance out and better my cholesterol. Even more so decrease or get entirely off my cholesterol meds.  I would love it if I could get off the medication, but the least I am hoping for is a compromise. Maybe get intake of cholesterol meds down to 2-3 times a week.

Most likely I won’t know the results of my blood test for several weeks. Excited to start the process!

Friday: We are driving up to South Boulder, CO to do a test run at the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Therapy Center. I am undergoing a trial run and to make sure my ears can handle the pressure. At first I thought I was going to test for only 20mins but found out yesterday I am getting a whole 1hr!  (really looking forward to how things turn out.) Hopefully my ears will naturally be able to withstand the pressure. If not the worst case scenario is they put tubes in my ears while I undergo treatment.

Our prayer is that with either appointment that God’s plan will be made clear going forward. That He will touch and inspire others through my humble vessel. Thank you all for your prayers and support!


(P.S. depending how I am feeling, I will update you all after my appointment Friday or at least try and write Saturday)


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