Changing of the Guard & Diving

I had a meeting this morning with a doctor to evaluate me and see whether I was a good candidate for Hyperbaric Treatment. I passed with flying colors! The only concern we all had was my ears but overall it is a minor thing and she agreed I was cleared to undergo treatment if I choose. There are no guarantees the treatment will work and as the doctor put it “It’s simply a leap of faith” Now it’s just up to my family to pray and decide whether  we can meet the commitment.


The commitment would require a round trip from Colorado Spring to Boulder, which is about an 3 hr drive round trip. Not to mention we would have to make the trip at least 6 days a week for a month and a half. There is the possibility of staying up in Boulder while I receive treatment but we are still exploring that option. Not to mention the $6,000 cost which covers 40 treatments. So even though I meet the requirements it’s still a pretty big commitment to pray about and consider over the next two weeks.

The treatment itself is one big mystery machine. Again there is not guarantee it will work but they were are all very optimistic.

Hyperbaric Chamber

How it Works:

You sit inside this chamber and they pressurize it so that it is the equivalent to 20 feet below sea level. (Imagine diving!)  They then proceed to release pure oxygen into the chamber. At this pressurized level the oxygen has no choice but to enter your blood stream and travels all over the body. The idea is to rejuvenate areas of the body where blood flow has decreased or stopped flowing. Kinda like jump starting a car. You are inside this air tight chamber for an hour.  (not for the claustrophobic)

(At this facility they most frequently treat Vets dealing with PTS)

Changing of the Guard:

Since late September of last year I started working with a Personal Trainer to up keep my therapy and to push myself. Chris was a fantastic trainer but several weeks ago he and his family decided to move back to New Jersey.

Before he left, he handed me over to a young man by the name of Mike.

Both Chris and Mike have experience working with cancer & stroke patients. Are very knowledgeable in their fields and both highly skilled in the area of nutrition. Blessed to be in good hands!



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