New Horizons

Last Wednesday I had an appointment with the Neurologist.

Now let me back up just a minute….. We had been trying to see this doctor since October of last year! Back and forth with rescheduling because of weather etc.

(At first I must say that I was pretty nervous for the appointment. Yet as time went on and we prepped for the appointment, I knew in the back of my mind what the doctor was going to say. )

So the day finally arrived, we made sure that on this rainy day, that we would be there early as possible to assure there was not even a chance that we would miss our appointment.

We met with the Doctor and asked him a few questions. Such as what other health issues (besides a stroke) should I be aware of? What is the likely hood that I have another stroke? What can I expect for my recovery in the months ahead? Am I on target?

His answer to all of these were what I expected…

“Each person is unique. I simply don’t know what to tell you to expect.”

It was disappointing to wait such a long time for that appointment just to hear those words (even though I had predicted he would say that). However, In my heart I had determined that no matter what the outcome. Good or bad. Or unknown. I was going to trust and lay my outcome in the hands of Jesus.

After all….

“Worry is like a rocking chair-it keeps you moving but doesn’t get you anywhere.”
To close the doctor issued a blood test to see if my cholesterol is high or changed any, (My grandfather had high cholesterol and with God’s help he lowered it. If God can do it with him so can he with me!)
He also wants to do a sleep test and make sure my breathing is ok and to check for sleep apnea.
(Sarcastic Tone) That means I get to sleep over and get all wired up đŸ™‚ Which means a long night and crazy selfies đŸ™‚Â  O joy!
Going into the future my trust is in God alone!!

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