Marching on!

Was it really January when I last did a entry?   Where did February go?  The beginning of this year has just gone by like a blur. I can’t believe that in 19 days I will have reached my 1yr. anniversary of my stroke.

In less then 13 days I begin what will be the beginning of several doctors appointments. I’m anxious to see what they have to say. What does my future look like? All in all, I have to remind myself that God writes the final doctor’s note on my life.

March Madness-

As most of you know March means March madness. I’ll admit I haven’t been super interested in basketball this year. In fact I was even contemplating not watching the tournament this year. Mean after all it was around that time last year that I had had the ugly episode of my stroke. I’d rather not be reminded of that. Even the tournament that comes along with those flashbacks.

I was thinking about this and felt God was telling me “You know, this is really silly. Your letting fear get the best of you”  Then I remembered my favorite quote by buddy Bob Goff always uses.. “Fear is a punk”

For one thing there is no arguing with God. I’m letting fear rob me of living my life. Second Bob is totally spot on. Fear is a punk! It only want to rob me from my joy and have me creeping around like a scared cat.

I choose to kick fear to the door, and embrace whatever comes my way. Knowing and trusting that I have a God who died for me with my best interest in mind.

What’s keeping you from greatness?


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