A Scare, A Lesson, and A Blessing

The Scare:

Tuesday last week I suddenly happened to wake up around 3:30 in the morning.  Immediately I was aware of the fact that my left arm was tingling and lying in a position where it had fallen asleep. Psychologically, this worried me and played with my mind, I couldn’t help but think “Here we go again”. So I lied there in bed,  just praying and trying to move my arm around til I was calm enough to fall back to sleep.

The next day (Wednesday) I felt fine for the most part but was very aware of my body (was to familiar for me!). I particularly noticed that my left wrist was tingling and felt as if every time I sat down It would fall asleep on me.

Lesson Learned:

My sister’s family had been over and the house was very busy with little ones running about. That morning mom was busy helping with the kids , but they stopped by my room to say good morning and help me with a few things. I lightly mentioned my symptoms but they went in one ear and out the other. I figured it really was nothing anyway and ignored it.

Throughout the day though, my symptoms would come and go. This had me puzzled but I remained silent still, not wanting to raise a false alarm.

Later that evening after the kids had gone to sleep I again mentioned it. Of course not meaning or wanting anyone to worry. Long story short, we prepared as if to go and stay at the hospital. I called a friend to pray with me. Mom called the emergency room to see if it was worth worrying over. During her call she was ended up getting transferred over to a doctor by phone. She handed the phone over and he ran my through a series of questions to see what might be going on. He determined I was not having a new stroke, and by the way I had described things thought it sounded like it was from over using my left arm. That I may even have pinched a nerve or something by the sound of it.

Glory to God that it was nothing!

I learned a valuable lesson though.  I need to be better at raising attention and alerting others when things are off with my body. Being a selfless person this is hard for me to learn but I have to tell myself that it’s ok (if not important!) to bring this kind of attention to myself. It’s not being selfish!



I had applied for Disability Assistance back in October. I was told it would be at least til February til they notified to tell me whether I was approved or not. My expectations were expecting them to deny me and that I would have to through the lengthy process of appealing their denial etc.

Yesterday was January 20th. To my surprise I received a letter from Social Security telling me I was approved for financial aid. I was honestly floored at this news! I couldn’t stop giving thanks to God and tried to call my friends to share the good news. First try!

God is so good!


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