It would seem a post of this title might have been better suited for last week when it was Thanksgiving. But we all know you were busy with family and eating all those delicious pies 😉  Besides why should one day stand alone as a tribute to be thankful. Everyday is reason to give thanks. Yes, that seems cliche’ and nothing you haven’t heard. For meit has new meaning though. I should have been dead ages ago… but here I am by God’s grace….

The day after Thanksgiving the city in which I live was darkened by yet another shooting. I have a friend who happened to be only blocks away from the activity….

Just yesterday in San Bernardino, California another mass shooting took place. Painting strokes of darkness across our country yet again….

Many questions will be asked, fingers pointed, opinions will flare etc….

I can’t feel sensation in my right side very well, I have frustrating days where my balance goes wacky, I’m a pretty broken and lonely guy being so far from a state with people I love. I could go on and on…. The thing I keep coming back to is this.. I am alive! I’m still here and that’s what I’m so thankful for.

No matter what you believe or the media says my God…The God who created all the universe…. Who loved us so much that He would send His son to die a terrible death for you and me (even though we ridiculously mess up time and time again!)….Rose again!…..Yes that God!…He is still the same forever and so awesomely good!


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