6Months and still Sailing

It was with all my intention to write a new post last Thursday. However, that was sadly overshadowed by the horrible shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. Being from Oregon and having lived there for 25 years the events really hit home for me dampening my mood for several days. My heart goes out to those affected. 😦

That aside, last week I reached the six month marker in my recovery. Thank you Jesus that you have brought me this far and provided! It’s hard to think that exactly six months ago I had a stroke. Even harder to go back to the memories of when I was well knowing that was pretty much yesterday but is now forever a memory. My reality changed that much! It is getting better! Still lot to work towards.

IMG_0466 IMG_0486

Last Wednesday, I had a regular checkup  with my primary doctor.  She was very encouraged to see my progress and said I was defiantly stronger then the first time she had seen me shortly out of the hospital. That was very encouraging for me to hear. Especially, when the progress doesn’t seem like much to your own standards ;P


I had hoped to get off my cholesterol medication, but she still felt strongly that the evidence provided through a blood test  did not hold enough reason to get off them. Plus keeping my arteries squeaky clean was not a bad thing.  As long as there are not side effects (which she assured me there were not any to be concerned about.)

The last thing worth mentioning is that I OT told me that they are getting ready to discharge me for a few months.  If you recall PT discharged me about a month ago.  That was pretty shocking to me. This time I was ready and knew what was coming down the pipe so it was less of a surprise to me.  Still knowing I don’t plan to be reevaluated til March puts the pressure on me to maintain my exercise routine.  Day at a time with Jesus 🙂

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