Seasons Break

il_570xN.387919162_jap6 Today was my last visit to PT after being discharged for a break.  How it works with recovery and insurance is you reach a moment where essentially you level out. You see no changes, yet you don’t go backwards. You just simply plateau out. It is then suggested (by both parties) that you take a break for 3-6 months. Then you can come back in to be re-evaluated.

When I was first made aware of this I was really nervous. I thought since PT was discharging me surely OT was too. You can imagine my relief when I found out OT was keeping me on for a while longer (for my arm etc.).

That meant some of the pressure I felt was off. Mean, I knew I could stay motivated if it came to continuing things by myself at home. However I wouldn’t have the big fancy machines etc. and I knew my hand/arm wasn’t where I wanted it. That concerned me! The main questions running through my head was “Was I really ready?” “Would I progress on my own”

However, last weekend I was reminded/reassured were my true strength lays. If God thought I was ready, I could do it!    I just had to remember to walk moment through moment trusting in God.267e3d3210eda3758d6ea4864ae59779


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