Be Ready


This morning I did an interview with my brother in-law’s company. (I hope to have a link in the future to share with  you all)  The project they are trying to do is the following; conduct interviews with people who are passionate about sharing the Gospel and how they are using their unique situations to do it. With the purpose that it will be used to encourage those who are hesitant to share their faith. What a great opportunity! Also a great reminder to be ready in season or out of season (1Peter 3:15).  I was very privileged and glad to be part of the project. Watch for a link in the future!

Therapy is going rather well. The strength exercises they are having me do for my leg I can tell are really helping me be more stable. Plus I feel stronger! Hopeful for what future results will bring!  On the arm side we are making progress but it feels very slow to me. I wish it wasn’t so hard to control my arm but that seems to be the problem child in metaphorical terms.

Now I must clear up a bit of a misunderstanding. People seem to think I’m at a state where I am fully better. I wish that was the case! 😦  I am getting better and notice the slow progress. However, I just can’t volunteer or get in the car and drive myself to a coffee shop. In my heart of hearts I so wish I was at that stage but alas I still have a ways to go before that happens. I hope that gives a better picture of where I’m at in my recovery.

Thanks all for you’ll continual support!

2 thoughts on “Be Ready

  1. Brian, rooting for your recovery, dude! When you get to the point where you’re healing is farther along and are looking to add stability, flexibility, and strength beyond what you’ve, give me a call, brother! I’d love to help you on your journey in any way I can!


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