Forward Progress

It’s been almost exactly a month since I was fitted and issued my brace. Last week as I finished up at PT my therapist made a comment about my brace. Saying how she thought we should see if I could get the upper portion of and should discuss it further when I was in next. Yesterday at the end of my session I inquired about my brace again. Kristy, my therapist thought I was ready and thought my thigh muscles we but said I needed to call Hanger (who crafted the brace) and ask them for permission before I did anything.

Since Hanger’s office is in the same building, we decided to just stop in on our way out and see if we could get a direct answer. Luckily as we walked right in the door who should be there but Susan (who handled/fitted my brace). We asked for her permission and she agreed with us. She took a few minutes and adjusted the brace. She then returned and wished me luck and said if I needed anything to let her know.

Even before I got the go ahead, I was pretty excited to see some progress. I am still a little nervous but more excited then anything to keep pressing press forward. Thanks be to God for the progress I am continuing to make! 🙂

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