Hippotherapy & Easter

As it got closer to Easter, my brother got the week off and decided to come visit, which was awesome of him! He along with many of my friends stopped by while I was in the hospital, and we visited and played games. When my family came to visit, Yahtzee was the game of choice.


Wednesday was the scheduled day for hippotherapy. IMG_0172

They told me it would take most of the afternoon, so that’s all they had scheduled me for that day. I got to go with Sage, Leanne, and Colleen. They wheeled me downstairs and into a big van. My family was allowed to come, so they met me there. I was not sure what we were going to do, but I was not too excited about riding a horse. Luckily, they did not
have me riding one (whewww). Instead, they had me work on my balance while brushing the horse and braiding its hair. It was a challenge because the ground was uneven, and I was afraid of falling. I was fine the whole time, but boy, did it take a lot of energy from me. It was fun having my family there, even though they just watched.

On the way back, someone mentioned custard (not me!).  Colleen made a surprise stop, and we all went inside (this was good practice for me in public areas). Colleen even paid for everyone! For us Californians (Leanne & myself), this was our first time ever having custard. It was a great way to end the afternoon!

It was strange to think I would be spending Easter in a hospital. A family friend offered to come visit and make me something. She surprised me with yummy fruit tarts!

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