More Hospital Life

As PT continued, I was challenged more and more to my limits. The biggest challenge was my knee spazzing out and wanting to hyperextend. There was mention of being fit for a brace and possibly getting Botox for better movement in my ankle and different areas of my foot. That was a bit of a surprise, but I was becoming quite accustomed to hearing anything and everything. They had me walk on the treadmill several times while I wore a harness that looked like a jumpsuit for astronauts 😉 It made me feel very secure, but boy, did it give me a good wedgie.

They asked if I was interested in going out and trying hippotherapy, and, if so, they needed to get the paperwork signed and handed in. Honestly, I can’t say I am a big horse fan. Ok, I’ll admit they even scare me a teensy bit (bad experiences!), but the thought of being able to go do something outside of the hospital was very inviting!
I started a little “shock therapy” in Speech Therapy 😉  Little electric wires were attached to my face, and I controlled the level of shock emitted. The goal was to get my cheek muscles to lift and contract back. It didn’t hurt at all, but it left my right side twitching and scrunching to where I felt like a pirate 😉 Usually, I did this for 45 minutes.  They tried to have my appointments around breakfast or lunch so I could do it while eating. If not, I would practice and do some drills with them or play a game. Near the end of my stay, I played many of these games with Barb. I enjoyed that!

099                                                                   (Barb & I)

OT continued to help me get more independent, and they worked on my hand. I had swelling in my hand from the stroke, so they fit me for a tight glove to reduce the swelling.


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