Where in the world are you from?

The longer I stayed in the hospital, the more people I encountered from different areas of the world, including all the different nurses and therapists who worked with me. A good majority of them were from Asian countries like Korea or the Philippines. A few I had the privilege of meeting were from other locations, but a majority happened to come from these countries. It intrigued me, and I started wondering what stories they would tell if they were given the time, and if we had the time to listen.

Each of them had something important to say they had learned from their unique experience in life. That got me thinking, how many stories or lessons/experiences do we miss that are right in front of us? If we just took the time to listen and slowed down from our busy lives to pay attention, what would we learn?

As I currently find myself healing at home with plenty of time on my hands, I want to listen to whoever wants to share their story, whoever wants to visit and chat. Sadly, I find many are too busy to slow down and share their experiences.

I started telling my story because I felt the need to share with others, so I hope that it will only encourage others to do the same.

That said, if anyone has any comments, words of wisdom, or questions, I welcome them all!

“Each of us has a tale to tell, if we would only tell it.”
-Frederick Buechner

2 thoughts on “Where in the world are you from?

  1. I have always valued someone who passes on their wisdom learned to others you do this with such compassion and we are always better after listening to you. Thank you!😃


  2. I know my friend. We are so busy and we all think that we are the only ones with a chaotic life but the truth is that if you want something to happen you are the only one that can make it happen 🙂


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