First Weekend Away

When I started all of my therapy on Thursday, I hadn’t anticipated seeing a whole different staff for most of my appointments on Friday. It was a surprise.

First for PT, I had Leanne and Sage, who I learned would be my regular therapists for the most part. We did some basic walking against the railing by the elevators with a walker in front of me for support. Sage or Leanne sat in front of me with their legs in between mine to keep my knees from either buckling or hyper-extending. It was very challenging!

Next for OT, I was introduced to Troy, who remarkably already knew my name. Long-time family friend Ray Woolridge put my name on the prayer chain at his church as soon as he found out I was in the hospital. Troy saw my name on the list and assumed I would end up on his floor. Sure enough, I did! I worked with Troy on moving my arm around more to increase circulation.

As we talked, I learned that he was on the elder board at Vanguard and that his family would soon be flying to China to adopt two little girls with severe disabilities. He hoped to provide them with the help they needed. It was an engaging and encouraging chat. Troy was also very informative and able to clear up some of my personal medical questions.

Finally, Speech Therapy stopped by again. Although they didn’t think I required treatment, they felt tightening my cheek muscles would help me a lot. If I were up for it, they would attempt this by firing electrons with a little machine at me for 45 minutes. I was willing to give it a try!

I was done with my appointments, but I would have Troy again on Saturday. In our hour together, he helped supervise me while I took a shower. It felt so refreshing to be clean after being in the hospital for five days. A real shower felt good and made me feel a bit human again.

I soon learned that weekends around there would be very quiet.

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