Hospital Food: Acute Care vs. Rehab


I quickly learned the difference between the food ordering methods in Acute Care and the Rehab wing. In

Acute Care, you were in charge of ordering your food, whenever and whatever you wanted. In Rehab, you had to place your order by a certain time or they would just give you a generic meal.
I was fine with the generic meals at first, but soon did not like what they were feeding me:

A. Some of it was not the best for me to be eating since I was trying to lower my cholesterol (like bacon and eggs, etc.).

B. Hospital food is hospital food and not always very appealing. For example, a lot of the meat was very dry, and it was evident many of their dishes were straight from a can or reheated in the microwave.

I requested to meet with a nutritionist to get some tips and a menu of heart-healthy meal plans. It made me feel better to know I would be eating healthier. I soon made a habit of calling in and placing orders for dinner and breakfast the next day, always making sure my order included vegetables or fruit.

It bothered that I would occasionally end up with two trays of food after ordering hours in advance, my order and the generic meal.

What bothered me the most was how terribly wasteful it was since they just threw away any extra, untouched food. In fact, one of the nurses and I had an extensive chat about it. Often when they would make this mistake, Mom was there to eat the extra tray, but it was sad when it would occasionally all go to waste. Especially knowing there were groups of homeless people just outside the hospital walls.

Nothing will ever beat home cooking!


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