Rehab Transfer

Rehab Transfer

The next day towards mid-afternoon I was transferred up to the Rehab Center. It was here that I would learn that I would spend the next three weeks rehab til I was stronger and independent enough to be sent home.

It was March 26, 2015. The expected discharge they wrote for me was April 15, 2015

I was really surprised to find out that I would have to spend that length of time in the hospital and quite frankly it was just a little overwhelming but I was determined and even said in my mind I am going to try my hardest to be out of here before then.

Room 7620 B.  The room that would be my home away from home for the next 3 weeks!


Mickey was the first nurse on duty that introduced herself and welcomed me to rehab.I met the doctor running the floor, Dr. Kelly. He was very nice and really helpful. Told me again why I was there and their plan for my care. Also what medicines I would be on. Lipitor to lower my cholesterol and Plavix to prevent blood clots. I would be on these meds even after I left the hospital.

The healthy rate for cholesterol is around the 100 range. I was at 115 and had good cholesterol but because I had a stroke they want you to be in the 70 range a thus I needed to lower mine even though I would normally be fine.

Rehab was already better since I had a room to myself and it was 5x more quitter.

By the time they transferred me it was already late afternoon. The day was going fast!

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