A sleepless night & a ambulance ride

The night before while I was on my way to the bathroom, I had a small fall. Luckily I just knocked the wind out of me. It was very scary though! Not being able to put any weight on the right side of my body or feeling like it was even there. Scary!

I had a worried mind and little sleep. Nothing had changed overnight and I still felt so numb that I couldn’t feel whether or not I was putting any pressure on that side. It was as if I had been split directly in half and my right side ceased to even register.  Feeling and balance were impossible for me. I had to be carted out in my desk chair and we had to call my brother in law and have him come over and help assist me to the car. My mind was racing and I couldn’t help but unleashing uncontrollable tears through out that day and worrying about how this would all be paid for (since I have no health insurance).

We first went to Urgent care and then they referred us to the ER.This was the first time in my life I had been to the ER.  Everything to me was so surreal!  They quickly issued a MRI to be done and as I waited on the bed for the results I knew God was in control, but I still felt very helpless.

One of the many blessings that came was a gentle man that worked with the state health care system.  He happened to be on staff and was able to stop by and help us with the paper work and take care of everything. As you know this was weighing heavily on my mind.  I had been on the Oregon Health plan when we lived in Portland, but had not been able to make the change here. The evening before, my mom and I tried with little success to fill out the forms. This gentleman came in and was able to fill out the info within minutes and get me approved for coverage.  Praise God! What a relief!  That took the weight off of our minds.

Finally, the doctor returned with the results of my MRI. He was really unclear at the results, but made it sound like cancer etc. But since he was unsure he wanted to transfer me to their other location for a more detailed scan. This really scared me and tears soaked my shirt. I trusted God with the outcome, but the human part of me just broke down.

They issued me to be transported by ambulance and I was off. For never being in the ER or an ambulance I was making history, all in one morning.ambulance


One thought on “A sleepless night & a ambulance ride

  1. OMG! My friend that is super scary. I will contact you later today. One thing I’m glad is that you are covered now and that this gentleman helped out. Praying for you my Dear friend.. XOXO


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