First Symptoms

On March 22, 2015 I was watching the NCAA tournament like most sports fans. When the night concluded, I was about to get up when I suddenly felt numb on my right side. This was odd and caught me by surprise but I thought little of it and figured I had just been sitting too long etc. I waited 5-10 minutes and the feeling vanished. So I thought little of it and went about my normal business.

The next day I felt completely fine and went about my normal business.Around 7:30 PM I was sitting at my desk just relaxing, when all of a sudden the symptoms overtook me again just out of nowhere! Thinking it would just leave me like it did before I remained still thinking I must have overdone it or stressed myself out to much. I figured if I just waited it out like before it would just disappear. I waited several minutes for it to leave, but I still felt the same!

I was talking to my buddy Scott and told him what was going on. He said he didn’t mean to scare me but it sounded like a stroke. My first thought was “really? That can’t be possible at my age” After I finished wrapping up our conversation I told mom about how I was feeling and what Scott told me. We decided it was already late and if I still felt the same in the morning we would go to the emergency room.

One thought on “First Symptoms

  1. Bryan, you are the man! It’s pretty amazing to see how you have trusted in the Lord through all of this, and how you are such an encouragement to everyone around you. You’re a mentor to me and I bet a ton of others. We love you brother!


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