The origins of the “Ticking Time Bomb”

1990 The Year Of Trials:

Bryan York was born in San Diego on April 28, 1987 the first-born child of Daniel and Kathleen York, At a beach party in 1990, his parents noticed that he was walking robotically in the sand. That day would be the beginning of the unusual. Kathleen’s sisters were diagnosed as carriers of Muscular Dystrophy and Bryan’s cousin was identified as having the degenerative disease. Fearing that she was also a carrier and that Bryan was showing the symptoms, the Yorks took Bryan to a doctor for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

First Test Results:

Scans taken from the neck down found no problems yet, within four months, Bryan’s eyes began to cross. Even more concerned, his parents took him to an eye doctor who insisted they immediately return him to a pediatric neurologist.

Second Test Results:

On Valentines Day, 1991, Dan and Kathleen met with a neurologist regarding the second MRI administered to Bryan. Somberly he showed them images from a head scan revealing that Bryan had a tumor on his brain stem called a Glioma. The only possible treatment was radiation and he was given a five percent chance of survival.

72 Sessions:

Have you ever seen a three year-old lie still on command and not move? the nurses at the radiation center were absolutely amazed that Bryan for 72 treatments (twice a day for 36 days) never required anesthesia. Instead he lay perfectly still while his brain stem and nearby tissue were radiated. One day as his Dad took him home from another treatment, Bryan though not yet four, sensed his Dad’s sorrow. From the back seat of the car he said, “Don’t worry Daddy, God will take care of it.”

God is in the Room!

In June, a group of friends invited the Yorks to meet for a time of prayer for Bryan. These young married couples were part of a Sunday School class Dan taught. As they sang songs to God while crying and praying, an amazing thing happened. The whole group powerfully felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in the room! It was as if you could reach out and touch God.

0% Chance of Survival:

Less then two months later, the Yorks moved to Beaverton, Oregon for job relocation. One of the first tasks was to connect with a pediatric oncologist to continue monitoring Bryan’s health. Their Portland doctor informed them that their previous doctor was mistaken. There was not a 5% chance of survival but rather zero possibility he would live. She said the tumor was “ticking time bomb and it was not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ it would go off…”

Not all bombs explode. Bryan turned 28 in 2015.  He has shared the amazing story of how God healed his tumor across the country and overseas with anyone willing to take the time to listen


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